Friday, February 18, 2005

Gay T-Shirt FRIDAY!

Apparently today is gay t-shirt Friday and no-one told me. About 5 guys at the office have all (independently) arrived in some of the most flamboyant t-shirts I've seen for a while.

Bumblee Bee man is wearing a midnight blue number with random silver horizontal strike-throughs.
There are a number of pink numbers in evidence which were "bought that way" and not a laundry accident.

Our hero is wearing the BRIGHTEST ORANGE I have ever seen and someone is wearing a T with the words "Badger Bash" emblazoned across the front. He says it's not a euphemism for anything but was the name of a party he went to. When pressed he was very coy about what went on at the "party", however, the badger bash site has this picture. If that's not phallic I'm a Dutchman.

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