Thursday, June 21, 2012

Windows Phone 8 - Just the bullet points

This is what I heard

  • Shared Kernel with windows 8 based on NT rather than CE
  • Multi core CPU support up to 64
  • hd screen resolutions: WVGA, WXGA 720p 
  • NFC Payments and loyalty cards 
  • SD Cards
  • IE 10 browser
  • Nokia Map Data with turn-by-turn navigation
  •  enterprise features: encryption, secure boot, it management
  • New Start Screen with resizeable active tiles
  • share info between phone and other windows device (Like andoird beam)
  • in App Purchases
  • Deep Skype integration
and the killer No upgrade path for ANY legacy devices but as a sop there will be a WP 7.8 although all I can find about that is that it will be an OTA update and include the new start screen

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Une See is Back (Update)

Hurrah! After a 2 year hiatus, Une See is back at with a new comic. P.S. You also need to follow @unesee and @xanderbolt to get the full effect

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tethering iPhone to Ubuntu 11.04

Found this article which works a treat

Windows 10 Start Menu disappeared

Recently noticed (after a Windows 10 Update) that my st6art menu had disappeared and the Cortana search was retuinring results but not letti...