Friday, December 22, 2006

Tower Defence Game

This ugly little game at is deceptively difficult and highly addictive.

For the first few levels you think: "what's the point", then you start thinking: "hey I'm good at this" then you get to the mid-60's levels and think "AAaaaarrgghhhhh!!!!!"

My record is level 79, although that must have been a fluke cause I can't duplicate it. The best I've had since is level 78.

EDIT: I just watched someone get to Level 82. AAAAAAaaaaaaaarrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!

EDIT: The record I know of is now level 84, the author of the game only got to level 90, although I'll bet that was on an earlier version that had more bugsd and was easier than this one.

EDIT: Well what do you know, the site I found this on has exceeded its bandwidth limit. Good job I saved a copy here

If anyone can figure out how to get past level 84 please let me know how.

1 comment:

Bobby said...

I was doing a search, this is what I typed in, "How do you get past level 84 in Desktop Tower Defense"

funny that your blog came up... i can get to 84 everytime, but i can never pass it

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