Friday, January 04, 2008

Life Imitates Art

Problem: The problem of that extra arm when cuddling in bed. Where does one put it?


Art: The Cuddle Mattress

Randall's design incorporates Rockem Sockem Robots by Mattel (which you can STILL buy at Amazon) for something to do when not cuddling.

Life: The Love Mattress

Mehdi Mojtabvi's "Love Mattress" won a Red dot design award

The problem has been around for ages and these ideas for the solution are NOT new. A "Hugging Mattress" US Patent has existed since May 2000 and US Patents for mattresses and pillows with holes, cavities or depressions for various purposes have been around since 1882 still no-one has put one into production.

P.S. is the BEST comic on the web
P.P.S. inventor spot is cool too but it's not a web comic

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