Thursday, March 05, 2020

#tribute #vss365

Dear Diary, 
Escaped being held hostage in some crazy woman’s basement. No clue as to who she is nor why she kidnapped me. Sad to say she scared me so much I screamed whenever she approached. #Tribute to the police though, they promise to find her. #CarribeanHolidayRuined

     Steph @StephiSimone · Mar 5

     Dear Diary, 
     Today I decided to pay #tribute to my stalker 
     He’s followed me for so long It was only right to thank him 
     So I stalked him back, 
     Kidnapped him and 
     Tied him up in my basement 
     He was shocked 
     And screamed every time I got close 
     So I think he liked my gesture #vss365

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